Terrace: MTWAT Invites Local Deep

9.5. Wednesday 18-00 ♬ MY TECHNO WEIGHS A TON INVITES LOCAL DEEP Summer season is here us and the terrace is open, so the early hours of Wednesday’s party will be spent upstairs at the sun deck with a crew of guest, Local Deep; a DJ-collective actively running events and playing records both in clubs and in Helsinki underground, exploring the deeper side of underground house and techno cuts. After, the party night will be spent at the club space with MTWAT residents and foreign guest DJs. Terrace 18-00: (free entry) ☻ Hilla Liila ☻ Jules Sheng ☻ Mødya ☻ Jeku ☻ Okocha Club 23-05: (click event below for tickets) ☻ Astronomar (US) ☻ Alex Index (DK) ☻ NiQW ☻ Flinchy ☻ Sharkslayer https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=242034013038665 —————————————————— Everything is techno to us, because without techno there would not be all the great dance music genres we get to enjoy today. COME IN PEACE, LEAVE IN PIECES.