Standard with Infekto (Bomfunk MCs, Skillsters, Beatformers)

STANDARD is proud to present one of the most talented and internationally acclaimed Finnish dj&producer:
Infekto has been the broken beats pioneer in Finland since mid nineties. Co-founder of the first Finnish breakbeat label Pyssy and half of the chart topping hip hop/beats producer duo Skillsters. Skillsters is responsible for producing the first ever Finnish hip hop album and was also hired to produce and be a part of the live act of Finland´s biggest dance music export Bomfunk Mc’s on their 3rd album. Many Finnish hip hop acts have hired Infekto’s avantgarde scratching skills. He is also the founder of the eclectic breakbeat club Beatformers now running its 14th year.Infekto’s tunes as well as DJ sets combine the whole spectrum of broken beats from bass music to jungle/drum& bass not forgetting the raw ol’skool hardcore sound.

Full lineup:
STANDARD residents:
L.A.O.S. (High Tea Music, Viper, Liquicity, STANDARD)
Wispy (Etkoplasma, STANDARD)
Mizfire (STANDARD)

Hosted by Alexx from L.A.O.S.
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Tickets 6€

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