Standard presents: The Next Generation III

Hitdogi (Fiktio), Sheidow (The Circuit), Rosti (BLU), MC Maksimi Voima (Olari 21), L.A.O.S. (High Tea, Viper, Hospital)
Mizfire (Standard), Hosted by Alexx from L.A.O.S. STANDARD is a monthly drum and bass club focused on bringing you the most interesting artists from Finland and abroad. This time we have an honour to present some fresh new talents from Finnish dnb scene. Lineup for the night is: Hitdogi (Fiktio) Sheidow (The Circuit) Rosti (BLU) & MC Maksimi Voima (Olari 21) And the lovely STANDARD residents: L.A.O.S. (High Tea, Viper, Hospital) Mizfire (Standard) Hosted by Alexx from L.A.O.S. Tickets 6€ ~something to make your booty shake and soul vibrate~