Standard presents: The Next Generation II

~something to make your booty shake and soul vibrate~

FRI 19.1. 23-04 STANDARD is a monthly drum and bass club focused on bringing you the most interesting artists from Finland and abroad. Standard presents: The Next Generation II features some of the most interesting fresh new talents from Finnish dnb scene. Lineup for the night is: Kototama Borji DJ and producer specializing on the bass heavy music. Having a huge influence from such artists as Original Sin, Majistrate, DJ Hype and Ozma he combines jump-up, jungle, neurofunk, liquid and hip-hop in his mixes and is focused on bringing the best vibe and positive atmosphere to the dancefloor Gradon Gradon started producing drum’n’bass music together with DJ Janky back in 2010. Their first track ‘The Flow’ appeared on Liquicity YouTube channel and got a positive response from the dnb community. Gradon & Janky kicked off their DJ careers quickly after by playing shows at local venues in their hometown Tampere and also in Helsinki. They like to keep their style versatile and fresh by playing the hottest new tracks without forgetting the classics. And the lovely STANDARD residents: L.A.O.S. (High Tea, Viper, Hospital) Wispy Mizfire Hosted by Alexx from L.A.O.S. Tickets 6€