Standard Presents The Legends: Genki & Dizzy, residents L.A.O.S., Wispy and Alexx

Standard presents two legendary gentlemen who have had a huge impact on the D&B scene in Finland: Genki and Dizzy. Either of them do not require any introduction since they have been deep in the game for a long time. If you have been involved in drum and bass or breakbeat genres in the last two centuries you know these guys and you know that they know their shizzle. They are living legends and have been an inspiration for many, including STANDARD residents. This night will be remembered as the night of the legends so be sure you check in! STANDARD is a monthly drum and bass club focused on bringing you the most interesting artists from Finland and abroad. Full lineup: **************************************** Genki Dizzy And the lovely STANDARD residents: L.A.O.S. (High Tea Music, Viper, Liquicity) Wispy Hosted by Alexx from L.A.O.S. **************************************** Tickets 6€ ~something to make your booty shake and soul vibrate~