Standard presents: T & Sugah (NL) and Noisewave

T & Sugah (NL) Noise-wave + Standard residents: L.A.O.S (Viper, Liquicity, Bass=Win) Wispy (Basso, Standard) Mizfire (Standard) Tickets 10 € Standard is a monthly drum and bass club based at Merikerho, Helsinki. After two very successful nights we have an honor to present you one of the most interesting new acts hailing from Netherlands: T & Sugah (High Tea, Hospital, Viper, Liquicity) High Tea Music’s founding fathers and hosts of Holland’s finest Spektrum XL party, T & Sugah are starting to create big waves in the DnB scene. Their current releases (Hospital, Liquicity, Viper, Radar recordings) and the support from UKF are providing a solid base for these two young artists to step up their game. As icing on the cake, they were given the honour to play at the infamous Rampage party this year! These boys know their way through the entire dnb spectrum, from the liquid rollers to straight bangers while always staying dancefloor orientated. This diversity is what characterizes T & Sugah’s sets as well as their productions. The future is looking bright for T & Sugah since a lot of exciting new releases are on their way! We also managed to book the true drum and bass trooper behind massive Circuit dnb events and wicked & versatile dj sets: Noisewave! Noisewave (The Circuit) Noisewave is a young musician who originally started playing guitar in rock bands throughout his teenage years. After high school he embraced drum and bass, started DJing and formed now popular dnb club “The Circuit” where numerous notable domestic and international DJ’s have played. Meanwhile leading his events he produces his own material by combining nice euforic sounds to aggressive drum loops and nasty reese basses and sometimes absorbing elements from even rock and metal. As we have seen in the clubs, people won’t get bored to his versatile DJ s Full lineup for this quite-sure-it-is-going-to-be-another-banger night izzzzzzz: T & Sugah Noisewave + Standard residents: L.A.O.S (Viper, Liquicity, Bass=Win) Wispy (Basso, Standard) Mizfire (Standard) Tickets 10 €