Stacks 003: Kaukolampi – 1 album launch party, Kaukolampi LIVE visuals by Samuli Alapuranen + djs Erkko, Sansibar & Sire

STACKS 003 Kaukolampi – 1 (Svart Records) album launch party Kaukolampi LIVE with visuals by Samuli Alapuranen + Stacks crew: Erkko, Sansibar & Sire Timo Kaukolampi is the shamanistic leader of space rock outfit K-X-P. In the shadows of his hood and cape he’s been working on his debut solo album “1”, out on 1st December. Operating around a 4/4 kick drum his live set contains analog synthesizers and drum machines forming a spaced out cuckoo’s nest made out of cables, pulsating a soundtrack-like, thunderous soundscape. Sound is elemental like nature, moving tectonic plates. Destruction of the form followed by re-creation. Interplanetary energy beams. Deep meditation. Friday 8.12.2017 Merikerho club space 22.00–04.00, tickets 8 € Sörnäisten rantabulevardi, Helsinki