Paahtimo x Merikerho w/ Rigid & Valtteri Väisänen

VALTTERI VÄISÄNEN (ABYSS) RIGID (SEWAGE) HJERTMAN [Paahtimo] SI MON [Paahtimo, Mood Of the Era] ******************************* PAAHTIMO – Concept Paahtimo focuses on hard but emotionally atmospheric electronic music. Paahtimo means Roastery in Finnish, and this is exactly what we will try to achieve together… Simply get roasted in a dark and smoggy atmos. This project has its origin with emphasis on combining sound, people and room in a symbiotic and synergetic relationship, where all become one and whatever prejudice is left behind united in the vomb of sound. A big dark hall but with the intimacy between people intact, exploring alternative electronic sounds together. ******************************* GENERAL INFO: WHERE: Merikerho WHEN: 8 JUNE / 23-05 CONTRIBUTION: 8€ before 00 / 12€ after