Lehdet. LIVE: Elatu Nessa

Thu 14.9.2017 19-02 Live: Elatu Nessa (showtime around 20:00) Guest dj: Mystical Zarniwoop Hosted by Iku & Eppu The September edition of Lehdet is a trip to the space-age blues of Elatu Nessa and the intergalatic sounds of the Mystical Zarniwoop. Want to go on a musical intergalactic cruise? Step into Zarniwoop’s office. It’s always possible to end up on the Frog Star and be fed to the Total Perspective Vortex, so let’s hope that your ego is big and solid enough, although it’s also possible that you don’t even exist. At this point however, you have already told yourself you want to see the guy, so don’t panic. Just listen. Elatu Nessa is the solo project of Rusto Myllylahti. The home-made meditative combination of psychedelic guitars, chants, snowy blues and loops. Perfect for intergalactic travel, snowy fields, desert dreams, washing dishes and making love. Elatu Nessa delivers home-made, ready made and found sounds with blues guitars from the dumpster and imaginary computers. Hosted by Iku & Eppu, Lehdet plays on Thursday September 14th from 19-02. Live showtime at about 20:00. Elatu nessa on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/elatu-nessa