Kontula Electronic Warm-Up w/ Ilpo Väisänen & Klara Lewis

Kontula Electronic Warm-up with Ilpo Väisänen & Klara Lewis at Merikerho LIVE: Ilpo Väisänen & Klara Lewis Fell Hand, Jimi Tenor ja Toimi Tytti Dj Visco Dolante & Dj Pera VJ Taru N Hohtonen Thursday March 29th 2300 hrs DJ Pera & DJ VISCO DOLANTE 2345 hrs FELL HAND 0015 hrs DJ VISCO DOLANTE 0030 hrs ILPO VÄISÄNEN & KLARA LEWIS 0200 hrs TOIMI TYTTI & JIMI TENOR Kontula Electronic is an annual electronic music festival that takes place in a rundown 1960’s shopping mall in Kontula. The festival program includes high profile live acts, dj sets and interesting art events. This years warm-up takes place at Merikerho in the beginning of Easter holidays. LIVE: ILPO VÄISÄNEN & KLARA LEWIS Ilpo Väisänen is known for his live acts that combine ruff synthesizer noise with scrap metal industrial semi-electronic devices. Ilpo was the other member of Finnish duo Pan Sonic, one of the most ground-breaking and innovating projects in contemporary electronic music. His love for dub music has given birth to his own label Kangaroo where he releases under pseudonym I-LP-O. “In order to generate his sounds and soundscapes Ilpo Väisänen rarely uses more than the simplest of devices: analog keyboards and other oscillators he’s fabricated himself. In an age of digital ubiquities, his economy of means and anachronistic aura almost constitutes a challenge, indeed a provocation. One discovers this postulate within the solo releases that Väisänen has issued since 1995. His world permanently fluctuates between hot and cold; composed of creaks, whistles, strange noises and rhythmic improbabilities, it’s a world oftentimes futuristic, yet prehistoric.” MediaLoca Klara Lewis is a Swedish composer that was born the same year Pan Sonic was founded. Her critically acclaimed debut album Ett was released by Viennese record label Editions Mego in 2014. “The way [Lewis] manipulates these recordings of her own surroundings is expressive and intuitive, and the music sparkles with personality despite its sparseness.” Rory Gibb, The Wire Kontula Electronic evening at Merikerho will be the first ever public performance for this duo. We are looking forward to an explosive set by these two visionaries. LIVE : FELL HAND Fell hand works with sudden cacophony and structured rhythm, from one extreme to another. The soundscape bears signs from noise, industrial and techno music. He creates his live performances with modular synthesizer and varying sound sources such as C-cassettes and self-made instruments. Latest of Fell Hand’s projects was an self released EP “Beyond Man” that covers a soundscape form the 1992 Mr Universum bodybuilding contest. LIVE: JIMI TENOR & TOIMI TYTTI Musician, multi-instrumentalist and a composer JIMI TENOR has never settled for the traditional role of a pop artist. He is known as a productive musician whose work lies beyond current trends, and also an artist who combines the finest elements of afro-american music, orchestra projects in grand scale and semi-modular solo gigs. Jimi Tenor is a performer with an original style of spontaneous silliness and shameless glamour. TOIMI TYTTI is a Helsinki- based DJ. Working in radio, Toimi Tytti have produced several shows for Radio Helsinki ja Basso. She has had a regular radio program “Sunnuntaisiskot” at Bassoradio for ten years. She is a well know character in the Helsinki underground DJ scene, but besides her electronic selection she is commonly seen playing in events of jazzy and soulful nature. Tytti is working on her debut EP “Metro” which will be release by Ronet Records in 2018. Experimental live for the dance floor will be heard first time in Helsinki. Their first collaboration was in Paloma Bar, Berlin, last December. Combining electronic gear & modulars, acoustic instruments and records – this fearsome duo brings their best for the late hours in Merikerho.