JKB Live X Merikerho

JKB is back! Come and dance with us on the sea on Wednesday, 25th October. JKB’s new hits and old classics will rock the boat @ Merikerho. On stage with JKB: Ilmo Ylinärä, Kasperi Kallio and Ossi Maristo. Showtime 21.00 Opening act Lauri Yrjölä, 20:00 JKB is a producer duo consisting of Janne Björkroth & Joonas Kaikko. Janne is known for the rock band Battle Beast, which is touring actively worldwide. He plays keyboards, writes songs, and works as a producer in the band. Joonas is a top-level drummer, who has played with all the great ones in Finland, like Anna Abreu, Borta Beast, Cheek, Isac Elliot, Janna, Juha Tapio, and Vesku Loiri. He is also a studio musician of many tv-productions from Suomi Love to David Hasselhoff Show, and has played in big live productions like Sami Hedberg Show and charity concerts. JKB is where it all started. This is the original stuff and a unique opportunity to see JKB and its friends on stage. Doors 19.00 Free entry!