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Merikerho Open Air: Katerina & Eppu Helle (LIVE)

01.08.2019. | 18:00 02.08.2019. | 01:30

This is a terrace set of sheer delight in musical exploration. Katerina with her always imaginative, sensitive dj sets. And Eppu Helle, a music multi talent, performs a live set, improvise for the very time and occasion: Thursday August 1st, Merikerho terrace 6PM onwards. Live set 20.30.

Katerina from Helsinki – Finland via Sofia – Bulgaria is a passionate music lover, a skilful DJ, an imaginative music maker and an emotional and hypersensitive artist, always sided by her already legendary white cat Nöpö. She produces music that is essential and timeless – you can hear it on some of the latest Cómeme releases – notably Katerina’s first EP “Just when you thought it was over”, which was praised by both the establishment (Resident Advisor, FACT, GROOVE mag, TRAX) and the underground (Matias Aguayo, Christian S, etc.…)

Her DJ sets – that for years have been the joy of the audiences at Kaiku and the Flow festival in Helsinki – grow like nocturnal plants in a fantasy jungle on a solid foundation of Funk, fertilized by her veneration of Prince (as she takes large sips from his loving cup) and of course, DJ Quik. These sets are always avant-garde and psychedelic, filled with Punk sensibility and heavily emotional on all levels, you’ll swing through a heavy pumping techno beat to suddenly find yourself floating in a cloud of dreamy electro vibes, being tossed around between mellow and heavy, melancholic and ecstatic, once she has seduced the crowd and it’s willing to go through all highs and lows with her on an intense sonic and sensual adventure.

Eppu Helle esittää elektronista musiikkia.

Vähän yli vuosi sitten päivänvalon näki musiikin moniottelijan, Eppu Helteen enimmäkseen improvisatoorinen elektroninen projekti, joka ei ole tehnyt kahta samanlaista keikkaa. Musiikki syntyy tilaan, aikaan ja paikkaan tunnelman mukaan, tyylilajin vaihdellessa ambientistä acid houseen.