Decadence & Friends

Decadence & Friends /w Kaspiann Live & Soonja

Salutations! We’re continuing our affair with Merikerho by putting our work pants on, and gathering around to the lathe once again. This time around quality content is generated live by a young go-getter Kaspiann, who has recently released his music on such startups as Planet Rhythm and ARTS. Invest yourself in the rhythm and a high return rate is guaranteed.

We also managed to draft a local game-changer, Soonja for a visit who is known as his hometown’s best kept secret. This fluent audio format strategist will utilise his interactive know-how to direct the customer base towards their true north, by pitching only cutting edge ideas after another.

Naturally our inhouse consultant Waltteri will step to the deck first in-line and launch the event alongside with our visual head director VJ Sinsin in charge.

Kaspiann Live
VJ Sinsin

Cost: 10e + cloak room fee
Period: 23:00 – 4:15