Decadence & Friends /w Alien Sound Development, Ramazotti & Jimi

Ahoy! Friendship & Decadence is back at Merikerho once again. This time we’re blessed with a hefty amount of talent outside of our label, on two separate stages.

We’re starting off at the terrace with sets from Karate (KADE + Merete), Ramazotti from Skooge Records and the Loukku key figure and Better Things to Do champion Jimi. Expect only the most interesting shades of house.

Around midnight we transit below deck in the pursue of more darker and faster aesthetics of music. Our guest live act of the night is also Loukku affiliated Alien Sound Development duo, Elina Castrén and Tanja Paananen. The supporting acts provided by Friendship & Decadence are Mirage Man live, DJ sets from HKI Techno Bros (Mssmo + Waltteri) and Poly Sone.

Keep in mind this is our only event of the summer season, so we dearly recommend to participate and grab a friend with as well. What a time to be alive!

Terrace: 18 – 00
DJ Ramazotti

Downstairs: 00 – 05
Poly Sone
Alien Sound Development – LIVE
Mirage Man – LIVE
HKI Techno Bros

Terrace 0e
Downstairs 10e
18 – 05