Dancehall Saturdaze ★ Dancers Link Up 2019

DANCEHALL SATURDAZE ★ DANCERS LINK UP 2019 Merikerho 26.1. 22-04 Dancehall Dancers on board: 🇯🇲Shanky Equanoxx x Navian Equanoxx x Frisski Blazzas x Jetbean Blazzas x Japs Bg 🇯🇲 🇫🇮Unleash Crew x Bubblin’ Crew x Ms Islandrock x Minna Mimz 🇫🇮 Music by Leimasin (Pouta Sound) x Navian Equanoxx (JAM) Dancehall Saturdaze, a club celebrating the Dancehall culture of Jamaica in Helsinki since 2009. A dancehall night full of energy, dancing and fun with the best of selectas, dancers and hype pon di mic! Welcome to the Dancehall! Merikerho | Sörnäisten Rantapromenadi | HKI 53 | 22-04 | 8€ This is a One Love Helsinki event, nuff vibes guaranteed!