Clube do Mar: dj Tahira (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

15.7. 16-02 CLUBE DO MAR dj TAHIRA (Sao Paulo, Brazil) will perform at Clube do Mar, Merikerho, Sunday, July 15th together with dj Jarno Lappalainen. (FIFA Final game screening in the Club 6-9PM). Terrace: 16.00-21.00 dj Jarno Lappalainen Club: 18.00 FIFA FINAL 21.00 (when the game is over) dj Jarno Lappalainen 22.00 dj TAHIRA Tahira is one of the most active figures in contemporary Brazilian music scene. His versions and remixes of tunes by Gilberto Gil and Gil Scott Heron have been played a lot around the world. Tahira is a versatile dj, who has played many genres from Jazz to hip hop. His own music is mostly centered around Afro Brazilian music, with influences from different styles of electronic music and jazz. His sets are exceptional, lovely to listen and great to dance to. Jarno Lappalainen joins Tahira with a record bag full of Brazilian music treats ranging from bossa nova, samba, jazz, soul and funk to other contemporary Brazilian styles. Sunday the 15th is also the night of the FIFA 2018 football final, which is screened at Merikerho. Regardless whether Brazil plays in the final, Afro Brazilian and Latin sounds are a perfect match to celebrate before and after the game. Jarno plays a terrace set before and during the match, Tahira begins a club set after the game is over. Dj Tahira (Sao Paulo, Brazil) is a producer and music lover, who in his dj sets blends genres and eras, from traditional sounds to electronic mixtures. His work is mostly influenced by Brazilian, African and Latin sounds. Tahira’s music and remixes have been released by several respected labels as Far Out (Londres), Wonderwheel (New York), Names You Can Trust (New York), Tiff ́s Joint (Londres), Jazz & Milk (Munich), Hot Casa (Paris) and Mucho Ahora Recs (Auckland). Quite a few artists have hailed his work in the recent years: François K, Gilles Peterson, Laurent Garnier, Nickodemus, Lefto, Nightmare On Wax and others. On his tours he plays in New York, London, Tokyo, Berlin, Montreal, Zurique, Paris, Auckland, Helsinki, Dublin, Viena, Lisboa to name a few stops. German label Jazz & Milk just released a compilation of African Brazilian music selected by Tahira called Levanta Poeira that has been receiving good feedback from Djs, collectors and fans of brazilian sounds. Facebook: Instagram: tahiragruv FREE ENTRY!