@ MERIKERHO CLUB w/ DJS: ALEXALFONS APEAK KEISKA RPK DESTO MATHEUW TICKETS: 8€ TRAX CASINO WHUT? Trax Casino is a Helsinki based club night established in 2015 for music and nightclub lovers. From the very beginning the resident djs of the club have been the same strong group of four: Desto, Matheuw, RPK and Keiska. Over the years partygoers have been attracted by both domestic and foreign club music and night-time specialists; 111X, Abunker, AK-47, ALEXALFONS, Artoyan, Bleach, Celestial Trax, Checksum, Cute Cumber, Dark0, DJ Eevil Stöö, ENDGAME, Femme En Fourrure, Florall, Folded Visuals, Folkhälsan, FVM, Illyana, Inner, Jymy, Khid, Know V.A., Murlo, Running ›, Sansibar, Sully, Tdhg-jengi, Visuality, Why Be. The hamper of music tastes formed by the residents combined with open-mindedly selected guest performers has often led both performers and visitors to states of astonishment, prosper, disbelief and not-knowing, and this is the path Trax Casino is striving to continue on.