2.3. Standard with Whiney (Medschool, UK)

Whiney (Medschool, UK Support from STANDARD residents: L.A.O.S. (High Tea, Spearhead, FI) Mizfire (STANDARD, FI) Wispy (Ektoplasma, Basso, FI) Hosted by MC Alexx. Tickets 10€ before midnight. 12€ after. We asked, you answered, we delivered. STANDARD is extremely proud to present .......... ******************************** !i!i ... More

Standard with Muffler and Dizzy

This time we have an honour to host two remarkable events in Finnish drum and bass history and have the guys behind those events to play as our honorable guests. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Muffler - Composer Album Tour ////////////////////////////////////////////////// Biography: Muffler has been involved in the ... More

Standard versus The Circuit

Standard residents are going to head to head or rather anthem to anthem against The Circuit club residents. The djs from both crews will present their meanest rollers in b2b dj battles. Come and witness the fitness of these crews. On the left corner we have ........ Noisewave More

Standard with Esc, Incritics, OG Otter

1.12.2018 @ MERIKERHO 23-04 Lineup: ESC (Med School, Lightless Recordings, Forms, BLU) INCRITICS (Bassdrum Revolution) OG OTTER (The Circuit) MIZFIRE (Standard) WISPY (Standard, Etkoplasma) Tickets: 6€ before midnight 8€ after midnight + 3€ cloakroom Now let's put the liquids aside for a while and dive straight into the ... More

Standard with Pola & Bryson (Shogun Audio, UK)

Saturday 3.11.2018 23-05 POLA & BRYSON (SHOGUN AUDIO, UK) ************************************* L.A.O.S. (Liquicity, High Tea) Wispy (Basso radio, STANDARD) Mizfire (STANDARD) Next STANDARD is all about lovestep...well not really but damn these guys are making sexy beats! Pola & Bryson are two of the most exciting next ... More

Standard with LAOS, Wispy and Mizfire

Standard is a monthly drum and bass club event in the Cargo CLUB of Merikerho. This Friday, you can enjoy intense sets by  L.A.O.S, Wispy & Mizfire! Great on the dance floor, or excellent to listen to while sipping craft beers now available at Merikerho indoors Club. Tickets: 6€ before midnight 8€ after. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ... More

Standard presents: The Next Generation III

Hitdogi (Fiktio), Sheidow (The Circuit), Rosti (BLU), MC Maksimi Voima (Olari 21), L.A.O.S. (High Tea, Viper, Hospital) Mizfire (Standard), Hosted by Alexx from L.A.O.S. STANDARD is a monthly drum and bass club focused on bringing you the most interesting artists from Finland and abroad. This time we have an honour to present some ... More

Standard presents: Keeno (UK, Hospital Records)

STANDARD is a monthly drum and bass club based at Merikerho, Helsinki. To kick off the summer season STANDARD is extremely proud and hyped to present one of the most innovative young talent ripping the scene apart worldwide. Straight out from Bristol UK: ******************** *** K E E N O *** ******************** Having been ... More

YÖVÄEN VAPPU – Legendary Drum&Bass Mashup

30.4. 2018 18-05 YÖVÄEN VAPPU - Legendary Drum&Bass Mashup  Terassi: 0€ KLubi: 6€ YÖVÄEN VAPPU Merikerholla 30.4. marssittaa terassin ja klubin stagelle 14 drum’n’bass dj:tä, jotka ahertavat soittotyövälineineen koko illan ja yön 18-05: Drum’n’Bass Mash-Up! *Terrace: 18:00- Sampsa Vilhunen Yagura Hap... More

Standard with Infekto (Bomfunk MCs, Skillsters, Beatformers)

STANDARD is proud to present one of the most talented and internationally acclaimed Finnish dj&producer: INFEKTO ! ! ! Infekto has been the broken beats pioneer in Finland since mid nineties. Co-founder of the first Finnish breakbeat label Pyssy and half of the chart topping hip hop/beats producer duo Skillsters. Skillsters is ... More