Stacks 004: Sansibar LIVE + Sire & Erkko

Sansibar LIVE – Sansibar makes mind warping electro in an underground conduit for carrying off drainage water and waste matter. He has a few releases queued for this year, through Altered States Tapes and FTP. DJs Sire & Erkko Friday 26.1.2018 Merikerho club space 23.00–04.00, tickets 6 € + ... More

Stacks 003: Kaukolampi – 1 album launch party, Kaukolampi LIVE visuals by Samuli Alapuranen + djs Erkko, Sansibar & Sire

STACKS 003 Kaukolampi – 1 (Svart Records) album launch party Kaukolampi LIVE with visuals by Samuli Alapuranen + Stacks crew: Erkko, Sansibar & Sire Timo Kaukolampi is the shamanistic leader of space rock outfit K-X-P. In the shadows of his hood and cape he’s been working on his debut solo album “1”, out on 1st ... More

Stacks 002: Viktor Kalima LIVE, Sansibar, Sire & Erkko

Friday 10.11.2017 22-04 STACKS 002 Viktor Kalima LIVE – Viktor Kalima delivers penetrating club music that mutated from techno and developed into its own lifeform. His first release is coming out this winter on the Italian label Infidel Bodies. Crew: Sire Sansibar Erkko Friday 10.11.2017 M... More

Stacks 001: Mesak LIVE, Sire, Sansibar & Erkko

STACKS 001 Mesak (live) Crew: Sire Sansibar Erkko Friday 6.10.2017 Merikerho club space 22.00–04.00, tickets 6 € Sörnäisten rantabulevardi, Helsinki “The Stack is an accidental megastructure, one that we are building both deliberately and unwittingly and is in turn building us in its own image.” – Benjamin ... More