Friendship & Decadence

Decadence & Friends

Decadence & Friends /w Kaspiann Live & Soonja Salutations! We’re continuing our affair with Merikerho by putting our work pants on, and gathering around to the lathe once again. This time around quality content is generated live by a young go-getter Kaspiann, who has recently released his music on such startups as Planet Rhythm ... More

Decadence & Friends /w Alien Sound Development, Ramazotti & Jimi

Ahoy! Friendship & Decadence is back at Merikerho once again. This time we’re blessed with a hefty amount of talent outside of our label, on two separate stages. We’re starting off at the terrace with sets from Karate (KADE + Merete), Ramazotti from Skooge Records and the Loukku key figure and Better Things to Do champion Jimi. ... More

Decadence & Friends #2 Mirage Man, Msssmo, Waltteri, Poly Sone

Few months back we hosted our record release party at Merikerho and it was pretty damn lit. It’s time to get back to the wheelhouse with a Friendship & Decadence label night to unveil some music we’ve been working on and new records we’ve collected. Waltteri is going to play his first ever live set. Mirage Man, Mssmo and Poly ... More

Assorted Pieces 1 publication party

The second Friendship & Decadence record - Assorted Pieces 1 - is upon us and itʼs a huge enough of a reason to host an event at Merikerho. We are serving only prime cuts of various electronic music, but the main ingredient is techno. // Menu Satoi Kade (Live) Mirage Man Poly Sone (Live) VJ SINSIN // Servings and prices 22:00 - ... More