As If!

As If!: Disco Inferno

The heatwave is upon us so come and cool down your sweaty body at the Merikerho terrace with cold drinks and hot music! The Merikerho Disco weekend sets off as AS IF! goes into full on Disco Inferno mode with djs Sara & Bifu spinning the best (and cheesiest!) disco tunes all night long! More

As If! Sara, Bifu & guest dj Ronya

AS IF! Come and sail the glitter sea with us at Merikerho! Sara, Bifu and guest dj Ronya serve you a vinyl plate of everything from 60s French vibes to 90s indie to contemporary pop music and everything in between. Friday 9.2.2018 Merikerho club space 22.00–04.00 tickets 5 € Sörnäisten rantabulevardi, Helsinki More