2.3. Standard with Whiney (Medschool, UK)

Whiney (Medschool, UK Support from STANDARD residents: L.A.O.S. (High Tea, Spearhead, FI) Mizfire (STANDARD, FI) Wispy (Ektoplasma, Basso, FI) Hosted by MC Alexx. Tickets 10€ before midnight. 12€ after. We asked, you answered, we delivered. STANDARD is extremely proud to present .......... ******************************** !i!i ... More

1.3. Entropy × Merikerho

let the deep beats of house float you into the night. DJs Mathilda aga.2cr5 b2b Jekkuvesa Leona Aggregaattimies VJs Indigo Otlo dmc Xana Cost: 10 euros + cloak room Entropy /ˈɛntrəpi/ gradual decline into disorder. you can't fight it. just accept it and make your body groove. More

22.2. Local Deep Presents: pink-187 & schoolboi cute

✘ Jeku✘ Hilla Liila✘ pink-187 (LIVE)✘ Schoolboi Cute (MYÖS) VISUALS:✘ TBA 23-05 10/7€ before 24. More

RAD Night w/Xinloi (live), Teemu Keisteri, Pause, RAD

RAD welcomes you to a night of trance at... MERIKERHO The boat is loaded with the finest to make the most out of your raving experience TEEMU KEISTERI DJ PAUSE XINLOI (LIVE) + RAD (OLLI KOPONEN & SANTTU XL) & Visuals by VJ MAISA Styles including: ACID/BREAKBEAT/ELECTRO/HARDCORE/NEW BEAT/TRANCE/TECHNO/PROGRESSIVE ... More

Reggae Stomp Celebration at Merikerho – sat 9.2

Yes Jah!! Helmikuu on virallinen reggaekuukausi ja tällä viikolla Bob Marleyn synttärit! Reggae Stompit juhlistaa tätä kuninkaiden musiikkia ja itse kuningasta, Bob Marlye'a tänä lauantaina 9.2 Merikerholla. Tribuuttilivet vetää Papa Zai ja dekkien takana deejiit CeeJay ja Selecta Andor. Iriee! REGGAE STOMP Reggae Month Celebra... More

My Techno Weighs A Ton – 2019 Weight Loss

♬ MY TECHNO WEIGHS A TON - 2019 WEIGHT LOSS ☻ ☻ NIQW ☻ FLINCHY ☻ ALEXANDER WILSON Visuals/lights: Elektrik Alliance ☃☃☃☃ COME IN PEACE, LEAVE IN PIECES. Friday 08.02.2019 Merik... More

Standard with Muffler and Dizzy

This time we have an honour to host two remarkable events in Finnish drum and bass history and have the guys behind those events to play as our honorable guests. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Muffler - Composer Album Tour ////////////////////////////////////////////////// Biography: Muffler has been involved in the ... More

Decadence & Friends

Decadence & Friends /w Kaspiann Live & Soonja Salutations! We’re continuing our affair with Merikerho by putting our work pants on, and gathering around to the lathe once again. This time around quality content is generated live by a young go-getter Kaspiann, who has recently released his music on such startups as Planet Rhythm ... More

Dancehall Saturdaze ★ Dancers Link Up 2019

DANCEHALL SATURDAZE ★ DANCERS LINK UP 2019 Merikerho 26.1. 22-04 Dancehall Dancers on board: 🇯🇲Shanky Equanoxx x Navian Equanoxx x Frisski Blazzas x Jetbean Blazzas x Japs Bg 🇯🇲 🇫🇮Unleash Crew x Bubblin' Crew x Ms Islandrock x Minna Mimz 🇫🇮 Music by Leimasin ... More


[ TRAX CASINON KOLMAS TUOTANTOKAUSI ALKAA ] Modernin klubimusiikin turvasatama, Trax Casino palaa sorvin ääreen. [ 25 / 01 / 2019 MERIKERHO 23-05 8€ ] FANG LILIES live [Signal Life] KOALA [Ruff House] ERYKAH SHALII [Hardstyle Cheerleader] RPK [Trax Casino, Katakombi] FERDELANCE [Trax Casino] art © AK47 More