MERIKERHO is a restaurant and a cultural venue situated in Suvilahti, Helsinki. It is built on a 60 meter freight ship, featuring an all-year-round event space for 200 customers and a sun deck for 300 during the summer season.

MUSIC programme varies from electronic to organic sound. During the weekends we offer mostly dj-sets and electronic live sets. Live bands are programmed mostly to weekdays.

Our most up-to-date event information is on our Facebook Page.

Merikerho is founded by Tapio Mäkelä, who previously founded mbar.

Our official street address is Sörnäisten Rantapromenadi. You can simply google “Merikerho”.

Merikerho is 300 meters from Hämeentie. You can take the metro to Sörnäinen station and walk from there. Alternatively trams and buses stop on Hämeentie, some on Sörnäisten Rantatie.

By Taxi, say Merikerho, or alternatively use address Hanasaarenkatu 2, which brings you to a parking lot from which you have a 100 meter walk to Merikerho.


Please follow our Facebook for event information!